A Joint Reading Adventure

Lectory's Mission

Reading has always provoked reactions. Since there are books, there are marginal notes. Because responding to a text directly – "answering" it – is a natural reaction of every reader.

"Social Reading" transforms this internal dialogue now in an online discussion on and about the text, in which a comment of one reader is taken up by another and leads to an exciting dialogue.

The results:

icon-book-green.png A joint development and commentary of the text
icon-book-green.png New insights and perspectives on a text
icon-book-green.png A shared learning experience
icon-book-green.png The feeling of being part of a reading and learning community

Who's behind lectory?

An experienced team of publishers and experts on digital content and, for years, pedagogy has developed a platform that has been tested worldwide in classrooms and seminar rooms.


Ralph Möllers

is one of the "longest-serving" digital publishers in Germany. With his Terzio Verlag he has numerous prizes for didactically outstanding products. For a long time, works such as the Dandelion CD-ROMs or the chess-series Fritz & Chesster classics of the edutainments. Digital media offer him the unique opportunity to learn interactive, interesting and to make it self-determined.


Verleger Ralph Möllers

Bob Stein

is one of the pioneers of digital media as well as a popular speaker and consultant for large internet companies worldwide. Early on he recognized the potential of social readings and Pilot projects in schools in New York Realized. His experiences and visions are based on the development of SocialBook, the software on which lectory is based.


Bob Stein

Dr. Harald Henzler

As a lecturer, publishing director and managing director for well-known publishers, has innovative and sustainable products for teaching, training and professional practice. He is a writer, lecturer at the LMU München, University of Würzburg and Danube University Krems.


Dr. Harald Henzler

Hitesh Jain

Is founder and CEO of WITS Interactive and "serial entrepreneur" in Mumbai India. As a technical genius behind the internationally successful book marketing tool "Book2look", he has been developing innovative solutions for the publishing industry together with Ralph Möllers for years. He and his highly professional team have the lectory developed.


Hitesh Jain



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