A Joint Reading Adventure


Sophisticated readings and complex texts are part of the everyday routine at universities and colleges. In the classroom you are in an intensive discourse with your students. Many questions about and around the text only come up during preparation for the next session or in wrap-up of a classroom session.

With lectory, you can support your students even outside the classroom and between lessons.

icon-book-green.png Your students can post questions and comments directly in the book or script – online and at any time.
icon-book-green.png Because everybody meets inside the text, the learning experience becomes truly collaborative and students can support each other.
icon-book-green.png You can post assignments or questions for the students directly in the text and react to the feedback ad requests of the students.
icon-book-green.png Students are already used to this form of communication in Social Media.
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Open book showing two pages, one is having content and second page is having an annotatons.

Your students can ask questions and comments directly inside the book or script – online and at any time

Lectory is an "invitation only system" for collaborative online reading and commenting of a book or text. The institution and the teachers have full control over the access to the customized lectory platform and the books that are made available.

Collaborative learning with instant feedback

The students of the reading group can at any time formulate questions about text or highlight important points. Regardless of the time and location, this way the students can work together on a given text and get help from their tutor or teacher.

Materials – A tailor-made seminar apparatus in the text

Lectory has a separate layer of annotations, the “General Comments”, that contains annotations that refer to the text in general and not to a particular text passage. In the form of texts, links, videos or audios.

Here you can provide all digitally available materials directly in the text, as in a small seminar apparatus.

The better group projects

Working together on a text online makes it possible to solve group tasks even if the group is widely dispersed. As is often the case with students at universities and colleges. The simple commenting and the possibility to embed links, videos and pictures allows an intensive discussion and linking of background information with the text. Students can form their own closed groups for the texts that they have access to.


Hier Text für Seminarpreismodelle

Anfragen bitte an: vertrieb@lectory.io

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