A Joint Reading Adventure


You want to reach and engage your influencers and multipliers? You want to market your book online? Are you looking for an additional feature for an existing book? Or just search for a platform to exchange information about current book projects with in-house and external contributors?

Lectory lets your books be the star online!

icon-book-yellow.png Invite influencers, journalists and other opinion leaders to an online reading club together with the authors or other experts.
icon-book-yellow.png Create mini book clubs for your books and invite your customers to join or creat their own book clubs.
icon-book-yellow.png A great workflow tool to collect input about unpublished books in a protected group of in-house and external contributors
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Influencer marketing

Being invited to a closed group is like being upgraded to business class. Everybody is looking for it. Lectory lets you easily create those exclusive book “clubs” to offer this coveted experience to influencers, journalists, bloggers. You can make yet unpublished books available to these clubs and moderate the discussions inside the text.

Your texts always remain save, a download of a book is not possible on lectory.io.

A special treat for your readers

Invite readers to join a club to meet the author inside his or her book. Or create a special interest community with Social Reading access for confirmed buyers to a series of books. The eCommerce interface of lectory lets you sell books and voucher for access to lectory.

A work flow tool for publishers

How many eBooks do you send around inside your company and to outside co-workers to get feedback and input for the publishing process, for marketing material, for evaluation? Quite a lot, right?! And all the feedback and input is then scattered across quite a few mail inboxes in your organisation. So why not create closed project group with everybody involved and have all their input in one place and visible for everybody in the group? Makes sense, doesn’t it?



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